Our Front Office Staff
Lovelle Escolano-Orolfo & Nissie Escolano

Our Front Office Staff

Our Front Office Staff is trained to provide you with excellent customer service and quality care assurance. From the first phone call you will hear a friendly voice on the line eager to assist you in the initial patient intake and scheduling process. We will be asking you many questions that are required in preparation for your first visit. When you walk into BEST  Physical Therapy you will find our staff ready to assist you with the registration process and happy to answer any questions you may have so that your initial visit goes smoothly.


Registration Process

Prior to your initial visits we will ask you to fill out the appropriate set of forms that apply to your insurance carrier. Please click on the link that applies to you.

These can be downloaded and filled out in advance. Please arrive approximately 15 minutes early and bring your insurance card and the referral from your physician. Once you sign in and provide us with this information we can begin your evaluation with the therapist.

Please note: Completing the required forms in advance will give you a head start on the registration process prior to your first visit. There may be other forms required by your insurance company for you to fill out. We do not receive any of your personal information from your referring
physician’s office, and so it is essential for you to provide us with that