In California, physical therapists have direct access to treat patients who have been given a physician’s diagnosis. Most insurance plans include physical therapy benefits. Many insurance companies require a physician’s referral to deem treatment is medically necessary and thus payable under the insurance plan.

We accept most insurance plans, and we are preferred providers (PPO) on over 50 plans in the Silicon Valley including Anthem Blue Cross, Blue Shield, Aetna, Cigna, Valley Health, and United Healthcare. We are Medicare providers and accept most Worker’s Compensation plans. If we are not listed as a provider in your insurance booklet, please call our office, as the booklet may not be current and we are continually joining new plans. In addition, many insurance plans offer out of network benefits so that you may have access to any provider. We will directly bill your insurance carrier for your treatment.

photo: C_Mangin

Insurance plans vary from employer to employer, even when provided by the same carrier. If you have specific questions about your insurance plan, please contact Christina Mangin at (408) 257-6708 or Please have your insurance card available so that she may assist you.